Healthcare products

Flaem Nuova is an Italian company which has been manufacturing healthcare products since 1966. During this time the company has acquired a reputation for producing innovative, high quality and economically priced healthcare products. One of its major range is the aerosol therapy products which is recognised as one of the best in the world. This has come about by collecting information from the end users so that the R&D department can incorporate these suggestions as new features in future products.
In response to consumer suggestions and as an extension of Flaem's Nuova aerosol experience, the innovative RHINO CLEAR NASAL WASH was developed and manufactured. This product can be used at home with home made saline solution which in the long run would reduce the cost to the patient of continually purchasing saline spays.
The Baby Flaem product range includes products that are attractive to babies making it easier to use the products without frightening the babies. The products include the Ladybug for aerosol therapy and the nasal aspirator for easy removal of mucus from baby nose.
Medical and surgical suction units are available in various models and sizes. The battery operated model is suitable for general use and in areas where mains power may not be available.

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