Since 1966…
Milestones in the evolution of Flaem Nuova:


  • 1966: Begins production of the first electromagnetic piston compressors.
  • 1975: “RAPIDFLAEM 1” is the first sterilizable and unbreakable polycarbonate jet nebulizer.
  • 1990: Expands the aerosol therapy range with rotary piston compressor to meet the highest demands of the marketplace.
  • 1993: “Travelneb 1” portable battery operated micro-piston compressor unit.
  • 2008: "Universal Plus" he first ultrasonic unit washable like a jet nebulizer.
  • 2009: "Rhino Clear Mobile" compact and rechargeable nasal wash, always ready for use.
  • 2010: "RF7 Dual Speed" l' Ultra-Fast two speed jet nebulizer and new comfortable soft edge face masks..
  • 2012: VIBMESH: the new mesh technology nebulizer.


  • 1985: The first food vacuum packaging appliance for domestic use.
  • 1993: Introduction of Flaem Nuova patented vacuum bags for food.
  • 2004: "Reverse" the first vacuum packaging machine with removable and washable liquid proof tray and bottom.
  • 2008: Production is expanding in the professional sector with the new stainless steel JUMBO machine.
  • 2011: Stainless steel Gastronorm vacuum containers for commercial preservation and marination of food.
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