Vacuum packaging systems

Vacuum packaging is a valuable method to preserve food in a natural way.
Vacuum packaging removes air from food and extends shelf life up to 5 times. The oxygen in the air causes food deterioration through oxidation and through the growth of moulds and bacteria. Reducing oxidation and preventing the proliferation of microbes not only will extend shelf life of food but will also retain all nutrition and flavour qualities.  
Flaem Nuova, thanks to the know-how accumulated in over 25 years’ experience in the development and manufacturing of vacuum packaging systems, is undisputed world leader with its complete line of vacuum packaging machines and accessories.
Flaem Nuova patented machines and accessories are entirely developed and manufactured in Italy and are well-known for their quality and reliability.
The machines are very nicely designed and easy to use besides assuring the best performances in food preservation following the Pro Veritate study conducted for Flaem Nuova by Prof.Luciano Piergiovanni, Chair of Agri-Food Product Packaging and Distribution Technology at Milan University.
All accessories guarantee the maximum safety and non-toxicity because all the materials satisfy the most stringent international standards and directives concerning contact between plastics and food items.
The rolls and bags assure the maximum air extraction which is greatly favoured by the special patented rib design on the plastic material. They are also suitable for cooking, including the new “Sous Vide” cooking made in steam ovens or water ovens at low temperatures for long time, so-called “Slow cooking”.
The vast range of containers constitute instead a good solution for frequently used products to always have fridge, freezer and pantry in good order. Moreover, they can be used for quick marination of meat, poultry or fish.
Bottle lids for preservation of still wine and universal lids complete the range of Magic Vac® accessories.

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